Ever make the mistake of taking what you thought was a shortcut? You chose a road that looked quicker on the map. But you were soon jolted into admitting your error. You had to fight to keep control as your car bottomed and bounced at every rut and bump.
    That’s because most cars are designed to provide a “boulevard ride.” Provided you stay on boulevards and turnpikes.
    Try that same shortcut with a Mercedes-Benz. You’ll appreciate the feeling of control when you slam into that first unexpected chuckhole. And you’ll notice less pitching and bouncing over bumps and railroad crossings. Even washboard surfaces and cobblestones won’t produce that skitterish, you’re-about-to-lose-it feeling.

                    Independent rear suspension
    Our secret: An articulated rear axle.  A sophisticated and tough combination of shafts and joints that allow each rear wheel to move up and down independently of the other. Just as the front wheels do. To give you a smooth ride without compromising road-holding.
    But the advantages of independent rear suspension aren’t limited to rough going. On a turnpike the benefits are more subtle, but perhaps even more important.

                    Tracks like an arrow
    When you aim a Mercedes-Benz down an expressway, you’ll find it tracks like and arrow, without those tiny steering corrections you used to make for “road wander.”
    Slap it over tar strips. The suspension soaks them up with firm control. Not four or five reverberations.
    And if you’ve ever been lulled by high-speed expressway driving into taking an exit just a bit too fast, you’ll appreciate the adhesive cornering power of Mercedes-Benz’s independent suspension. It gives you an extra margin of control that somehow keeps your palms a little drier and your brake foot a little less itchy.

                     Disc brakes on all four wheels
    Automotive editors and engineers agree that disc brakes are superior to common drum brakes. So when it comes to brakes, our philosophy is simple. Use disc brakes. Not just on the front wheels. Not as optional extras. Use them on all four wheels. Offer no options.
    The four disc brakes on a Mercedes-Benz will help you stop surer, smoother and reduce the chances of fade and lockup.

                     How to judge a car
    Before you judge the character of a car, you should view it as a totality. Somewhat the way you judge the character of a person. So here are a few more points to help you judge a Mercedes-Benz.
    1. Our overhead-camshaft engines are precisely machined, balanced and bench tested to withstand the rigors of Germany’s autobahns. At American speed limits, a Mercedes-Benz is literally loafing.
    2. Subtle characteristics of tires have profound effects on the overall performance of a car. Tires used on our cars are tuned to the movements of our suspension, so they’ll work as integral parts of the total system.
    3. All the engineering and automotive theory in the world isn’t going to build a great car. The actual building is up to the craftsmen in the factory.
   That’s why we use skilled cabinetmakers to craft and fit the wood trim. Former dressmakers to sew the upholstery. And an assembly line that pokes along, always willing to switch off an imperfect car when one of our 2,000 or so inspectors says, “No that’s not good enough.”  
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Right hand drive, sweeping fenders, folding windscreen, cut-down doors and 19-inch wire wheels.
    Room enough for two and fun enough to breed a generation of sports car enthusiasts.
    That was the MG-TC. Behind its wheel thousands of Americans first discovered the joy of downshifting through a curve and the quickness of sports car handling.
    Today that car has evolved to the MGB. Still pure sports car. Still most at home on twisting ribbons of almost forgotten scenic route where cars go to be driven, not scorched off the line in a brute display of acceleration.
   As Motor Trend reported –
    “You can find them any day on any piece of twisting pike...leaving the bigger “now” cars in their wake.”
    Yet today’s MGB is equally at home on six-lane expressway.  With direct rack-and-pinion steering, 10.5-inch front disc brakes, race-seasoned suspension, 4-speed close-ratio gearbox and a high performance 1798 c.c. overhead valve engine – all the world is its road.
    Even in the fierce competitive world of racing, MGB excels in its class. It’s the reigning SCCA National Champion in E Production.
    MGB also sports reclining bucket seats, full carpeting, leather-wrapped steering wheel, oil cooler and full sports car instrumentation, including tachometer and trip odometer.
    What about you?  Do you want to discover the sheer joy of sports motoring?
    If so, scour the want ads for a vintage MG-TC.  Or see an MGB at your MG dealer.
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When MG-TC first came to America it was love at first sight.
    And judging from the reception given today’s MGB, we haven’t lost our touch.
    Because the MGB is still crafted with the same workmanship that has built the MG reputation for tough, reliable, quick-handling sports cars.
    In the showroom you can see the results. . . .
    On the road, you can feel them.
. . .
    And as the road narrows to two lanes and begins twisting through rolling mountain meadows, it won’t be long before you get that feeling that you are part of the car – and it is part of you.
. . .
    So see your MG dealer and try your hand at true sports car motoring.

MG. The sports car America loved first.
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Something new in affordable health service and protection is unfolding across America.
    It’s a new level of excellence in meeting the nation’s health needs from The Travelers.
    It includes growing networks of HMOs, PPOs and other significant innovations in cost management.
    For example, The Travelers’ Patient Advocate program helps reduce days in the hospital, increases use of out-patient care, and reassures patients by suggesting second opinions.
    And our Take Care health promotion program helps people to adopt healthier lifestyles, become more conscious of good health and to use medical care more efficiently and effectively.
   In addition, we’ve honed the art of fast, accurate claim service to a fine edge and developed one of the most sophisticated information management systems in the industry.
   It’s all backed by The Travelers’ 52 years of health service expertise that now covers over eight million Americans in companies of all sizes.
    Today, we are setting the standard of excellence in comprehensive, affordable health service and protection for employers and employees.
   As one of America’s strongest insurance, financial and health service experts, The Travelers is a force you can count on to develop your health care picture.
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Stay healthy.
    That’s what The Travelers breakthrough Taking Care™ program helps your employees do. It motivates employees to lead healthier lives and shows them how to take care of minor problems before they become major ones.
    Not only do you get reduced medical costs, but you also get healthier, more productive employees.
    When they do get sick, another innovative program, The Travelers Patient Advocate™, helps reduce hospital days, encourages use of outpatient care and keeps your employees better informed about their treatment.
    These innovations in health care grew out of our experience in developing and administrating employee benefit programs for many of America’s largest corporations. And now they’re available to companies of all sizes.
    But, today, you’ll find even more under The Travelers Umbrella. With our expanding HMO and PPO networks in communities across America, we can offer a choice of health care plans to meet your needs.
    No wonder we’re leading the pack in reducing health care costs.
    See how we can help you. Call . .
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