Twelve to seven was the score that day,
    The old ball game had just seconds to play.
“Easy! Easy!” Sudsville screamed,
    And off the bench Easy Open steamed.

He had the top that could win the game;
    It was on the can that had his name.
With this new idea in aluminum tops,
    He crashed the line – the Openers dropped.

The crowd gave a roar when he made that score,
    With just one pop, he was ready to pour.
Then thirsty fans picked their favorite brands,
    And the sound of snapping filled the stands.
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    Our concept of money management, precisely.  Our emphasis is on personal attention with assertive involvement.  
    For clients who require a total and daily commitment.

Philadelphia Investment Company
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    The force behind our concept of money management. To surpass the ordinary. To enlarge on the expected.
    For clients who require a total and daily commitment.

Philadelphia Investment Company
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Yes, you can. Do good and do well.

Introducing financial and ethical expertise that does not sacrifice return or increase risk in the name of principle.
    We are Friends Vilas-Fischer Trust Company.
    With our parent, Friends Provident Group of the United Kingdom, we are one of the global leaders in ethical investing.
    Founded by Quakers, we require both high ethical standards and solid financial success from the companies in which we invest.
    Our selection process emphasizes positives and screens out negatives to yield socially responsible investments for review by our committee of outside ethical experts.
    Our investment performance has kept pace with leading indexes on both sides of the Atlantic.
    For an informative brochure that details our company, our philosophy and our performance, call or write . . .
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Keenly professional. Exhaustively trained. This tightly-knit group quietly and swiftly gathers international intelligence through its vast world-wide network.
    Mission: To provide Westchester businesses with the data and financing expertise they need to do business in foreign lands.
    The group is Barclays Bank of New York Foreign Exchange Department, centralized in the heart of Westchester.
    We have direct access to over 5,000 branch offices of the Barclays group around the world. And, in London, we have our own Central Intelligence Department.
    These international connections enable us to quickly obtain accurate information from local sources on the financial, marketing and trading climates in over 70 countries.
    We can establish letters of credit, handle export and import trade and sell foreign bank drafts. We can also provide you with status reports on overseas businesses.
    We can quote up-to-the-minute foreign currency rates and share with you our vast knowledge of the Eurodollar market, whether you wish to deposit or borrow.
    But even if you don’t do business overseas, rest assured that Barclay’s expertise is not limited to international finance alone. Our group is equally astute in the corporate development field, offering Westchester complete banking services. Our experienced counselor specialize in quick decisions on business loans and lines of credit.
    We are members of the sixth largest banking group in the world, with assets in excess of $30 billion and over 300 years of banking experience.
    So if you are a businessman or businesswoman with a need for international business intelligence or any corporate service, we invite you to call the Vice President in charge of our business bureau . . .
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With diamond-hard long-life drum technology, all Mita plug-and-play network printers give you a total cost of printing that averages less than a penny a page with crisp, clear resolution.  
    That looks pretty good compared to other network printers that have operating costs two to three times as high.
    The cost difference can save printer users thousands over the life of the printer.  It’s a great way to turn your paper storage area into a profit center.
    So call us at . . . and we’ll crunch some numbers together.
    You’ll love the way they sound.
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Introducing Mita’s full line of digital copier/printers.

If it’s true that time is money, then you’ll save loads with Mita’s digital copier/printers.
    These versatile time-savers turn documents in your computer into finished presentations with a few clicks from your desktop.
    Plus, you’ll have two machines in one: a full-featured digital copier that’s also a high-speed network printer with impressive finishing touches. With a range of speeds from 15 ppm to 55 ppm, your people will have to hurry to keep up with all the time they’re saving.
    Call us at . . . and we’ll point and click you to a cost-saving, work-speeding way to go.
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